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by Ken Emery

My 2YO Flat Service will run from April until November. First Bet - Good Friday 14th April 2017

What is the secret of betting on unexposed 2 year olds?

My name is Ken Emery and I think I know the secret and some of the mistakes you can make. Many of you know about my 2yo service anyone that subscribed with me last year knows that I had a poor year for the first time in 5 years. The good news is that on careful analysis of last year I am sure that I have identified the mistakes I made, mainly by underestimating the weather conditions; a mistake that I will not make this year.

Each year up to last year we made a profit but still over the past 5 years even taking away last year’s loss THE PROFIT IS 326 POINTS

  • 2012 - Profit of 105 Points
  • 2013 - Profit of 67 Points
  • 2014 - Profit of 128 Points
  • 2015 - Profit of 38 Points
  • 2016 - Loss of 12 Points.
With my new and improved 2 Year Old Service the amount of selections will be dependent on the weather because for my form analysis to work well I need the ground to stay the same; ie good ground, so this season I will not be betting on soft or heavy ground. Should the weather take a turn for the worst I will stick to the all-weather A/W for our selections. All selections will be sent out by Email by 12.30 pm each day. If the weather holds up there will be 20 to 30 bets a month.

The service this year will cost £135 and will run until November when the flat season ends. The fee is less than £20 a month.

To make your decision to join easier we are asking for just £10 deposit for the first 2 months and the £125 balance in 5 monthly payments of £25 but only if you are happy with the service.

Very easy to join and just £10.00 covers your first 2 months. Click below to pay for your first 2 months only.
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