The Tipping Line By Paul Fowlie

November starts in fine style with £1,190 on day two. Now £24,423 up in 13 months.

12 out of 13 winning months.

Email to request latest results.

Paul Fowlie started his Tipping Line Service last October. The first part of the service he started with was his personal Top Rated horses, these are worked out using his own ratings which he has spent many years collating. In January he decided to add a second string to his service and started sending customers some bets whilst he was on-course betting for himself; as he does for his living. These bets are usually £50 bets. In April he added a third string to the service, "One a Day" bets where you bet 1 point win and 2 points place on short-priced selections.
The service overall is £23,032 in profit.

The offer price is attractive averaging £25 a month.

STARTING OFFER PRICE TODAY is £75 for 3 months

October 2016
January 2017
Monthly Profit
"Many of you will know I have been a full-time gambler for over 23 years
I now operate my Tipping Line service that has three parts

I openly offer to meet members on course, I attend a big chunk of the

Northern Race Meetings

All this means I don't hide behind PO Box numbers or send out some tips

and head off to a day job, this is what I do
I think the profits made this past 13 months have been outstanding
considering I have struggled a bit this year with the very poor jump


Stick with me long term and here is proof I will make you money

I don't charge a lot, usually £50 a month or £105 for 3 months
I have agreed to some starter discounts for Sportsworld;

Try your first month for £35 here or
STARTING OFFER PRICE TODAY is £75 for 3 months.

For full results please email

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