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Trial makes over 200 points!

The trial results for this service speak for themselves and speak volumes.

The selections are a combination of late night analysis of the betting markets allied to mid-morning market analysis; if a runner is spotlighted in both the lists then further investigations are made as to why the horses are strong in the market. A closer look at the Trainers recent form and Course form, Jockey Bookings and Horses form are considered; the horse will be rated a one or two point bet depending on how all the data adds up.

The method has been making an average of three points per day and the service has run for 77 days, with 35 losing days and 32 winning - All bets are recorded to BetfairSP.

There are on average 10 bets daily but as they are placed in the morning on at BetfairSP they can be done in a few minutes with no advised prices or BOG bets to worry about. Everyone should make the same profit.

  • The biggest loss on a single day to date is -14.34 points and the biggest winning day is +30.08 points.
  • Strike rate = 37%
  • ROI = 23%

All bets placed before racing begins, info available around 10.00am each morning.

So far staking just £10 per point would have returned £2200 profit.

We offer this service for just £25 for your 1st month.

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