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Colossus Racing

This is a new service run by an old hand, his method targets horses selectively within a price band that finds plenty of winners at decent prices.

Colossus avoids odds on selections and generally bets straight win. The service is explained;

"I have been involved with horse racing for four decades, the early days were spent visiting gallops to see my father’s horses train. The later days spent cheering them on as they carried my money. My selection methodology has been across many years of change seeing new angles such as speed ratings and breeding angles become part of everyday life and now the insight provided by betting exchanges."
"My core however remains based upon the angles I gain from contacts, race watching and pure and simple form study."
"Colossus aims to maintain an acceptable strike rate and decent levels of profitability by generally backing horses 10/1 that are either deemed to be excellent value or having a very strong chance of victory."

Colossus charge £40 a month however you can try your first month for £20

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