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"Bullseye did what they promised..."


Could Bolzano become the next Newmarket?

"The service makes it's selections solely based on statistics and what statistics!"

"The brain child of two independent rating compilers"

A collaboration between several well connected and serious tipsters with a wealth of experience.

Specialises in younger horses.

National Hunt Laying System.

The Views of an Expert.

Free bonus service.

We make winners out of losers!

Once a system writer, always a system writer.

The talented man on the street.

Is this the best kept betting secret?

Why trust Sportsworld Publishing?


We have been selling betting systems that work for 18 years. We are the market leaders in UK horseracing systems and tips.


We offer free support and advice. Ring 0844 544 9689 and speak to someone who can help you with your purchase. Sportsworld works directly with the system authors and hence they will also provide any help you require both before and after you purchase your goods. Most of our horseracing systems provide tipping services also.


All our systems are rigorously tested before release to ensure the best possibility of future profits for you. Our aim is to sell horseracing systems and tipping services that really do work.

Free Tipping Trials

Please contact Don on 0844 544 9689 to discuss any free trials that are currently being offered.