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“We don’t expect this trial to last very long due to the sheer amount of money we are making our punters”

"The service makes it's selections solely based on statistics and what statistics!"

We have clearly found something quite special...

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We make winners out of losers!

Why trust Sportsworld Publishing?


For 24 years Sportsworld Publishing Ltd has worked directly with successful tipsters to provide our customers with any help or assistance they need both before and after purchase. Please feel free to contact us by calling 01302 429 299 or by emailing customercare@sportsworldpublishing.co.uk.

Testing and Free Trials

All our products are rigorously tested before release to ensure a better chance of them being a successful horse racing tipping service.

Our aim is to sell Tipping Services that work. If you wish to participate in Free Trials of our future products please click the Free Horse Racing Trials link above.

Sportsworld work closely with The Racing Investors Club where prospective new tipsters trial their services to prove their worth. Membership of this is £8.99 a month.


All published tipster results, including those published by the Racing Investors Club are verified by Sportsworld as honest and accurate. If any results on this site are out of date, email customercare@sportsworldpublishing.co.uk and request more up to date results or use the request results link.